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Long live rmarkdown

One Document to Rule Them All

I have to admit that writing in rmarkdown feels luxurious. It’s like a little toy that I cherish and can’t wait to share and show off in front of other buddies.

It has simple grammars which can be mastered in 10 minutes and kicking-ass outputs, which achieved a balance between simplicity and functionality that I have long dreamed of. I can’t be more happier moving from MS echosystem to rmarkdown.

Github is another thing I find interesting and useful. Version control is one thing, the door to the open source world full of excitings is another1.

And it’s getting better! Besides writing a experiment log, creating a ppt, writing a book and writing a thesis, now it’s even possible to maintain a personal blog!

By combining blogdown,github and netlify, it’s possible to write a blog in rstudio by exploiting rich format controls in rmarkdown, then push it to github, and netlify synchronizes the blog site with your repo in a neat and satisfying way!

Now I can save more time for being lazy


In the era of information, BBS and blog sites seems to have faded away, been replaced by social networks, which are full of short, fragmented information tailored for fast-paced lifestyles. But I don’t care. I like this little toy named blogdown, I know it’ll benefit me in the future.

Then I did it, and I’ll maintain my little blog for myself.

I saw plenty of Blogdown tutorials around. Maybe I’ll do mine while I’m more familiar with how to play with it.

  1. I mostly play with lots of #Rstat packages