Track changes in rmarkdown written reports



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During the process of writing the report with the help of my supervisor, it is frequently required for several rounds of revision, such as the following scenario:

He is like (-_-)#, because there’s no track-change for my new made changes in pdfs

Trackchange is important

I use git for the version control during writing but my supervisor don’t, neither rmarkdown.

I have planned to suggest him to use github’s history to track changes, after some digging, I think its experience is worse than that of track-change in word. I find it not worth recommending at all. Although the github history can view different changes in a lot of ways, but none of them are satisfyingly good enough for collaborative editing documents where track-change is a must:

For the diff function in github/rstudio is not good enough:

In summary the version control of git is really a bad idea for track-changes for documents.


  1. Tell my supervisor to pickup rmarkdown, & github, and send him the sourcefile.
    • I don’t think forcing my supervisor to learn git or rmarkdown and all the fancy stuff is a good idea.
  2. Rmarkdown can knit to word
    • after changes are made to the word, you have to work on the word after the first round, so what’s the purpose?
  3. I WILL FALL BACK into the abyss of word.

  1. Although the / in latex is much worse IMO

  2. Such as a single lowercase -> uppercase