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Python looks fun

Recently I’m planning to learn python. Because I have came across a few incredible packages or scripts written in python. They look amazing and I think I’ll definitively enjoy writing in python.

In addition, I’ve used bash, c, java before, and I’m becoming fluent in R in the last year. According to my previous experience, when you have learned one programming language, picking up another programming language should not be that hard. After all, the most part of them are the same core concepts implemented in a slightly different ways.

My impression of other languages.

And for Rstudio, I can’t express how much I love this IDE: github integration, object viewer, package manager, wonderful editor, shortcuts, package management. Part of the reason I didn’t go into python is that there’s nothing like rstudio for python.


My basic python environment setup is sublime text3 + bash terminal under ubuntu 16.04

I like to use sublime, so I tried anaconda for sublime which provides several handy utilities:

Well that’s already good enough for me.

some useful shortcuts:

Notes of an useR during learning python:

  1. goodbye windows I won’t miss you