error messages



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C++ error messages are notorious for being unhelpful at all:

Besides the obnoxious two, I have this today:

Basically it is an error from the boost multi_array library. It tells me that I have an index out of range error.

But it doesn’t help me to locate where the error occurs (who even does that).

I have to compile the file with -g debug flag, fire up gdb, load the binary, set a couple of breakpoints and manually check the code line by line to finally “locate the error”.

Only after that whole process can I finally fix the problem.

I have been learning programming in C++ for more than half a year, I have lived through all the hussles such as pointers, class inheritance, virtual functions, templates, g++ flags, makefile, cmake, out-of-source-compile, boost library, and what not.

But I do not enjoy coding in c++ at all.

Nah, not even once.